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SAE ORB straight thread o-ring boss hydraulic fittings meet SAE J514 specifications and are used for fluids in hydraulic applications. Product Details: SAE J514, Straight O-Ring Boss (ORB) Thread. This straight thread connection uses the same threads as the JIC 37° . However the 37° flare has been removed and an o-ring has been added.

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O-ring & Port Cavity Spot Face Backup Washer Locknut O-ring & Port Cavity Figure 5 : Straight SAE ORB Figure 6: Adjustable SAE ORB O-ring Boss ports (ORB) provide a seal by trapping the fitting's O-ring inside a port cavity. When a fitting is in-stalled into the port, the O-ring is trapped between the fitting body hex or washer and port cavity.

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SAE Straight Thread O-Ring SAE J1926-1 This fitting is also known as O-Ring Boss (ORB) Recommended by the NFPA for optimal leakage control in medium and high pressure hydraulic systems. The male fitting has a straight thread and O-ring. The port has a straight thread, a machined surface (minimum spotface) and a chamfer to accept the O-ring.

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12. 2-1/2. Thread conforms to ISO 263 and ANSI B1.1 Unified. Port conforms to ISO 11926 and SAE J1926. Commonly called straight thread o-ring fittings. Pitch and diameter are measured in inches, 1 1 / 16 -12 UN-2B. Threads are parallel and requires o-ring for pressure tight connection. Thread angle is 60°.

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Fittings O7 O-Ring Face Seal Port Ends – SAE, Metric, BSPP, JIS, K4 EO/EO-2 EO-2 Sealing Ring O6 EOlastic Seal Ring O5 ISO 6149 O-Ring O4 Metric O-Ring O4 4-Bolt Flanges ... SAE O-Ring SAE Straight Thread Port O-Ring Specify size and compound Example: 3-906 N0552 (standard NBR)

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Brennan offers a large selection of SAE 37 Flare-O fittings for your hydraulic systems, including SAE 37 flare to NPT adapters. They provide a tight seal, incorporating an elastomeric O-ring seal for a leak-proof connection. They serve as an ideal drop-in replacement for SAE 37 degree flared tube fittings. These fittings are extremely reliable ...

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1" BSPP CONE SEAT x1.5/8"-12 SAE MALE / MALE ADAPTOR-ACO-2SA-16-20. £35.90.

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AFCO 80069 Aluminum Radiator Fitting -20An O-Ring To 12AN Male. $43.99. Compare. Quick View. Part # 6177024.

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Yor-Lok Fittings for Stainless Steel Tubing. Use these fittings at pressures up to 9, 700 psi. Also known as instrumentation fittings, they are made to tight tolerances for use in high-precision applications. They are compatible with Swagelok®, Let- Lok, and Parker A-Lok fittings.

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h Groove style B. i Screw threads. SAE J1453 ORFS Groove and orfs o ring sizes chart as follows: Dimensions in millimetres. O-ring Surface B d f i 1 i 5 d 4 Tube outside diameter Thread a Outside diameter Inside diameter nom. tol. ± 0,4 min. nom. tol. min. max. 6 9/16-18 UNF 2,4 ± 0,3 10 9 7,65 ± 0,16 11,08 6,1.

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SAE O-Ring Adapters. SAE O-ring adapters are used to close straight threaded tubing systems. As with other SAE O-ring fittings in the static design application, it provides a seal between two mating components. Unlike most SAE o-ring fittings, they do not fit fully into a ring or neck. Male threaded tube fittings have a grooved part with a ...

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ISO 261 threads & O-ring seal. The male half has an O-ring and a straight thread, while the half has a machined surface, a chamfer, and a straight thread. The O-ring on the male half compresses on the chamfer of the port, to make the seal. (The ISO 6149 is the same as the SAE J1926-1O-ring Boss, except the ISO 6149 has metric ...

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This item: O-Ring BOSS Hydraulic SAE 212 Pieces Oring Seal Kit Buna-N 90A for Boss Tube Fitting Application Hydraulic Fitting Hydraulic Pumping Sealing Straight Thread Tube Fittings $29.99 ($0.14/Count)

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SAE 4 Male x 1/4" NPT Swivel 90 Degree Elbow Adapter. Item Number: 9- 128 In Stock. Qty: $2.60.

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O-ring Boss thread adapters use a straight thread and an o-ring to create a seal between and male fittings. O-ring Boss fittings are an excellent choice for medium to high pressure applications. Our O-ring Boss thread fittings and adapters are equivalent to fittings from Parker Hydraulics, Eaton Aeroquip, Weatherhead, Goodyear, and Gate ...

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In this post, we are outlining a few design considerations when incorporating SAE J1926 into your design. A fitting or port that follows SAE J1926 can go by many names, SAE-ORB, ORB, O-Ring Boss, Boss Stud, and SAE J1926 to name a few. All of these are common names for a hydraulic port connection that is manufactured per SAE J1926.

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Both face sealing and boss sealing fitting types utilize an encapsulated O-ring in order to create a seal. the difference is that face seal fittings have the O-ring located in the grooved area at the end of the male thread, while boss seal fittings have the O-ring located at the base of the male thread. The corresponding Face Seal ...

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It is not a size found in your common o-ring kit and is 90 durometer, common o-ring kits are 70 durometer. Is this not the same thing from Discount Hydraulic? 4000-08 4000-08 | Buna O-Ring for #8 SAE/ORB $0.40 $0.38. Use with SAE J514 Straight Thread (ORB) fittings. Dec 7, 2011 / O-ring size for SAE #8 ORB #6.

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SAE J1926 uses UN/UNF threads and is often referred to as SAE Straight Thread. The port is often referred to as ORB or O-ring boss. This port style, shown in Fig. G4, is widely used in North America. Fig. G4 — Typical O-Ring Boss Port BSPP In Europe, Japan and many other former Commonwealth

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ORFS fittings (O-ring face seal) in 316 SS and Monel in tube from 1/8 to 1 1/4 in. ORFS fittings are available with NPT, BSP, weld and flared end connections.. ... SAE O-ring face seal (ORFS) fittings seal liquids and gases from vacuum to 6000 psig. ORFS fitting can be applied to tubing or pipe. They are very versatile fluid connectors because ...

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Use silicone oring lube to help the oring seal on the fitting. No silicone use petroleum jelly and make the fitting tight. If subject to extreme vibration use some removable locktite on the threads. Oct 1, 2014 / SAE o-ring fittings - how tight? #7.

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SAE Flange are designed to conform to O-ring groove, bolt holes and bolt pattern dimensions of either Code 61 of SAE J518 and ISO 6162-1 (Code 61) a Annular (circumferential) tool marks up to a surface roughness value of ISO 1302-MRR Ramax 3,2 are acceptable. Scratches with a width greater than 0,13 mm running perpendicular, radial, or spiral ...

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• For applications using different media or higher temperatures, additonal O-ring and seal materials are available upon request. • Broad range of options: O-ring Face Seal (ORFS) tube end, SAE, ISO 6149, metric, BSPP and JIS B2351 port ends, and SAE 4-bolt flange o-rings, as well as metric and BSPP retaining rings and BSPP bonded seals.

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Containing the most popular size 90 Durometer Boss O-rings in 20 different fitting sizes. SAE Boss O-Ring Seal Kit Includes: 10 qty -901 Boss O-Ring Tube Size OD: 3/32" 10 qty -902 Boss O-Ring Tube Size OD: 1/8", SAE Dash Size -2, 10 qty -903 Boss O-Ring Tube Size OD: 3/16", SAE Dash Size -3, Thread Size 3/8-24 UNF

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JIC/AN Male to SAE O-Ring Boss ORB Male Adapter. SS-6400L. JIC/AN Male to SAE O-Ring Boss ORB Male Adapter Long. SS-6401. SAE O-Ring Boss ORB Male to NPT Pipe Male Adapter. SS-6402. O-Ring Boss ORB Male to JIC/AN Swivel Adapter. SS-6404. SAE O-Ring Boss ORB to NPT Pipe Male Adapter.

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SAE Straight Thread O-ring or O-Ring Boss (ORB) is a multipurpose thread ideal for medium and high-pressure hydraulic applications. The male part has a straight thread with a groove for the placement of an O-ring. The part has a straight thread, a machined surface and a chamfer to accept the O-ring. When the two parts are connected, the ...

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6408 O-Ring Hex Plug Details. 6408-HHP O-Ring Hollow Hex Plug Details. 6410 O-Ring to O-Ring Reducer/Expander/Extender Details. 6410-L O-Ring to O-Ring Extender Details. 6425 O-Ring to O-Ring Coupling Details. 6807 O-Ring Adjustable Union Elbow 90° Details. 6815 O-Ring Adjustable Street Elbow 90° Details.

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SAE O-ring Face Seal Fittings. SAE O-ring face seal (ORFS) fittings seal liquids and gases from vacuum to 6000 psig. ORFS fitting can be applied to tubing or pipe. They are very versatile fluid connectors because it works exceptionally well on both fluids and gases. They are "zero clearance" fittings meaning that they can be inserted and ...

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Fittings are also known as zero-clearance fittings. To install, weld a tube adapter to the tubing with a brazing ring (sold separately), then mate the tube adapter to the fitting and screw on the nut. As the nut is tightened, the tube adapter compresses the O- ring, creating a strong seal.

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SAE O-Ring Boss ORB Male to NPT Pipe Male Adapter (Stainless) Material: 316 Stainless Steel Standards: ASME B1.20.1, SAE AS71051 Comparable: PARKER F5OF-SS, SSP GCM

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O-Ring Face Seal Fittings for Stainless Steel Tubing The flat face of the fitting connects to a tube adapter so you can slide the tubing and fitting sideways to disconnect in cramped spaces. They are also known zero-clearance fittings. O-Ring Face Seal Tube Adapters for Stainless Steel Tubing 37° Flared Fittings for Stainless Steel Tubing

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6402 -SAE O-Ring Boss ORB Male x 37° JIC SAE Flare Swivel Nut Adapter. MORB x FJS Straight. 6404 -SAE O-Ring Boss ORB x NPTF Pipe Male Adapter. FORB x MP Straight. 6405 -SAE O-Ring Boss ORB Male x NPTF Pipe Adapter. MORB-FP Straight. 6407 -SAE O-Ring Boss ORB Male x SAE O-Ring Boss ORB Male Union.

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An O-ring BOSS seal is a technique for joining two fluid-carrying pipes, hoses, or tubing. In an O-ring BOSS system, a male-threaded part is inserted into a -threaded part, providing a mechanical seal. This system has the advantage of being able to be tightened mechanically before being sealed. JIC and BOSS fittings share the same ...